Introducing a healthcare analytics platform founded on machine intelligence and deep learning algorithms to help healthcare organizations of all sizes perform the clinical, financial and operational reporting and analytics.




The How


We work with existing financial, operational and clinical data to map out every patient's journey across the continuum of care incorporating bottom­-up cost analytics, then computing the true cost of care for each patient while providing actionable intelligence to address profit and quality inefficiencies at point of care.


We stand behind your increased profitability and quality of care. Our approach is non-intrusive to the administrative and treatment process and results in markedly increased value of your organization. 

The Why

$750,000,000,000 is wasted in Healthcare every year in US. Understanding provider’s core profitability drivers, quality metrics, clinical outcomes and operational bottlenecks and efficiencies will help lowering the costs associated with obtaining higher quality.


Why are we different?

At HealthInfoMap we believe that the only thing that matters is cost and quality. That's why at the heart of our HIM Big Data Analytics platform is our ability to integrate real-time clinical and cost data across the continuum of care and perform an activity-based costing.


Why should you care?

Our ability to calculate a true cost on a patient basis further linked to maximum resource utilization and capacity rates to revenue enables us to develop practice- and patient-specific best care protocols that support optimal value-based care initiatives.


Who needs our help?


We work with ACOs, primary care providers and surgery centers to help understand cost drivers and improve operational, clinical and administrative outcomes through continuous monitoring and benchmarking. 


Why Now?

Our healthcare system, which has been focused on treatment after illness is beginning to transform and as part of this shift, with more focus on preserving health and managing chronic conditions. Much of this focus is tied to value-based care initiatives that concentrate on quality measures, improved care outcomes, better patient satisfaction, and reimbursement incentives tied to keeping people out of the hospital rather than the activity-driven, fee-for-service model. 


BID DATA small insight ...

You have valuable data assets to leverage against these shifting paradigms. The challenge is that this information - billions of records, reports, claims, and files, as well as demographic and spending data - is often locked in siloed repositories or inflexible legacy IT systems, forcing users to manually aggregate and analyze data. As a result, valuable intelligence is often buried or lost altogether.


                      HEALTHINFOMAP SOLUTION: 


Healthinfomap offers a comprehensive cloud-based solution that provides expertise and technical capabilities around data integration, aggregation and harmonization to overcome non-uniform data, create a 360 degree view of cost of care per patient across the continuum of care, plot against customer-specific revenue cycle requirements and quality metrics and use analytics to develop strategic planning requirements to maximize your most valuable resources for better patient care and value-based outcomes. 


''We use AI and data science to analyze and empower everyone in an organization to make use of data-driven insights to capture true care costs and drive better outcomes.'' 
Sasha Cahill, Chief Strategy, Innovation & Business Intelligence Officer, Founder


"Delivering true value in healthcare includes unlocking the potential of each provider to apply their best talents for the patient by utilizing the vast information hidden in large medical data. Using these untapped knowledge resources and applying the proven methodologies of Six Sigma, the provider systems can effectively operate in an environment of compliance, clinical excellence and profitability..."
Paul Davis, DC, CCEP CCNA, Total Quality Healthcare Officer