By providing the foundation for insight and analysis, you can make more informed decisions faster and optimize business performance across the entire enterprise.

Healthinfomap rapidly ingests massive-scale data from any source in any format: medical, pharmacy, and laboratory claims and encounters; enrollment data; provider and membership records; and missing services reports; as well as a wide range of open-source data, such as census and business records, industry reports, and state medical license information.

Previously siloed data assets are integrated and enriched in a single environment, enabling users to visualize and explore complex relationships and networks geospatially and temporally. Freed from the complexity of data acquisition, you can easily explore enterprise-wide data and generate actionable insights. 


  1. Episodes of care for providers. Design, development and implementation of episodes of care, creation of bundled payments for discrete medical procedures, conditions and associated services.

  2. Provider Performance Improvement and Growth.  Deliver analytics powering provider growth and strategy (e.g., hospital financial forecasting, provider exchange pricing, physician practice patterns, targeted growth initiatives), identify value capture opportunities and visualize results to empower operators to make more informed decisions.


Consistent, accurate economic and planning data is stored in a central, secure and standardised data repository. Complete and verifiable economic modelling of complex assets and a connected administrative, operational and clinical workflow enables HIM customers to generate a complete view of their entire business more efficiently than before. Options are now able to be analyzed more quickly and are based on reliable, trusted data, leading to more informed decision making. 

Examples of Our Work:

  • Review and Analysis of Cost and Utilization Statistics By Major Diagnostic Groupings and Demographic Characteristics
  • Development of Cost and Utilization Patterns and Trends
  • Development of IBNR Factors and Trends
  • Outcomes and Costs Measurement
  • Profiling of Provider Cost and Utilization Statistics Across Provider Groups and Provider Specialties
  • Bundled Rate Development
  • Analysis & Development of Cost & Utilization Trends
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Filed Cost and Utilization Trends